and I think of the moment I've never experienced,knowing how it'll be a complex blendof salty oceanside and free fall cliffs;the scent of petrichor in the absence of rain caressing meas i ache to be caressedas i need to be neededas i want to be wanted and my world as it should beas i awaketo [...]



sometimes, i crave you. arms around me just touching with no sexual connotation its usually right before I drift into sleep wishing I could lay awake, yet dreaming, in your arms; content and happy knowing I make you feel. but i wont say it aloud lest be jeered at as if i were wanting to [...]


souls entwined; a random act of destiny, or was it fate? perhaps neither and both somehow. bittersweet emotion flowing through us, without a way of knowing; this restlessness was anticipation, your touch, my release. for eons hence stay and carve a path with me leading to blissful oblivion. ©amulya j


mirrors are sharp, they cut you. what you do for one, one may or may not do for you mirrors are inexplicable. a material that manifests light, showing you what you want to see what can, and what cannot be; a strange example of Murphy's law. in your eyes, that's what I saw. ©amulya j


A little motivation for mental trauma. There isn't a road to recovery, its a trek, a long one at that. A reason why you should trust what you believe, always: who else can you really trust?! The answer is nobody, perhaps not even yourself when you're stuck here. I know it feels real, and might [...]